Blue is a natural color. It's the color of the ocean and sky, but also has the feeling of calmness, strength, friendship and boldness. Blue is sometimes called the color of logic because it can be inspiring and activate the mind. The beauty of using blue in a logo is that most people like at least one shade of it. Check out these creative, inspiring blue logos below.


1. Head in the Clouds

Check out the awesome use of negative space in this logo! The images of the cloud and the head "pop" from the blue background.

Head in the Clouds


2. CFO Cycling Team

This logo shows the brilliant merging of imagery and lettering to form a clever, cool logo.

CFO Cycling Team


3. American Theatre Company

The use of the spotlight to form the top of the star is just very cool. This logo is all about feeling theatrical.

American Theatre Company


4. Six Day Technology

Notice the subtle way that the number 6 and lower case "d" form the glasses in this logo. Great for a technology-based company.

Six Day Technology


5. Drop

There's no need to have the actual letter "D" in order for the mind to read the word "Drop". This is the mark of a standout logo design.



6. Killed Productions

You just have to appreciate the clever imagery in this logo design. Great use of the killed lower case i.

Killed Productions


7. Water Trekking

A very identifiable and catchy logo designed for a water park. Clever, fun and adventurous.

Water Trekking


8. SurfCube

Check out this awesome logo designed for the SurfCube app on the Windows Phone 7. Ok, there may be a touch of orange in this mostly blue logo, but we can let this one slide!



9. Aquaris

Calming, soothing vibes exude from this logo which is tagged as "everything for the aquarian".



10. Peru Water Project

This logo was designed for PWP, a Peruvian nonprofit organization, which aims to provide safe drinking water to the underserved people of Peru. This logo is all about feeling fresh and clean.

Peru Water Project