Hats off to my top 10 picks for the most creative logo designs using hats. You can't "top" some of these clever logos!


1. Two Hats

Notice the way that the two hats are arranged to form the initials T & H.

Two Hats


2. Northfields Tailors Inc.

Classy use of hat and tie just bursts with sophistication and style for a gentlemen's tailor.

Northfields Tailors Inc.


3. Enginterns

Smart use of the graduation cap for this company which helps engineers find internships.



4. Old West Real Estate

Fantastic merging of the cowboy hat and house. Clever, memorable and it definitely speaks old west and real estate.

Old West Real Estate


5. TopHat Robotics

Top hat... robot... need we say more? There's immediate name recognition with this edgy and clever logo.

TopHat Robotics


6. HATS: Hospitality Associate Training Series

This graphic merges the letter H and the hat graphic all in a sleek, sophisticated logo. It's really a stand-out design.

HATS: Hospitality Associate Training Series


7. Hats Off

Is it a hat? Is it a turntable? This logo merges the two images in a cool way. Great graphic design.

Hats Off


8. Blademan

An eye-catching logo designed for a knife store. Creative merging of the beard (forming the blade) and the hat (forming the handle).



9. Fedora

Great logo for a hat, or clothing store, or even for an individual who literally (or metaphorically) wears a lot of hats.



10. A Beer Cuisine

Amazing merging of a beer mug transformed into a chef's hat. Cheers to this innovative design for a catering company.

A Beer Cuisine