Eyes are most commonly used in logos for the eye care industry, security businesses, photography studios and more. Get inspired by these eye-catching logo designs.


1. Eagleye

The eyes take shape in the form of eagle wings for this powerful logo.



2. Eyelien

Check out this very cool logo which integrates the alien eyeball into the company name. The design is both whimsical and fresh.



3. Pak Photography

The inverted hands focusing on the camera lens creates the negative space which form the eye. It absolutely speaks photography.

Pak Photography


4. seetunes

Awesome logo design for a music business that also offers video.



5. Sleepy Eyes

Great usage and manipulation of text. The designer created the upside down reversed letter e's to form the sleepy eyes in this logo.

Sleepy Eyes


6. Viking Eye

Creative use of the eye with the Viking helmet. This is all about name branding and identification.

Viking Eye


7. FishEye

Clever use of the actual fish eye blended with the common photography term fisheye, creates this immediate logo identity.



8. Picasso

The brush strokes accentuate the feel of this logo, which is designed for a high-end clothing and accessory company.




Hauntingly cool logo design. The image literally makes you stop and take notice.



10. Eye M Productions

This logo was designed for a karaoke competition company. Not only does it read "Eye M", but the letter M forms a body that's performing.

Eye M Productions