Download the best free horror fonts and create some scary graphics for upcoming Halloween projects. Here are more fonts, Christmas, Futuristic, Hip Hop, Movie, Retro, Script, Tattoo and Western.


1. Zombies

Grab this brush style typeface that includes lowercase, uppercase, multilingual characters and extra characters by Font Art.

Halloween Font Zombies


2. Story Brush

A highly detailed brush font that has over 240 glyphs with 2 versions of regular and slanted by Dexsar Harry Anugrah.

Halloween Font Story Brush


3. Alcotton

This free font designed by Stepan Lyaptsev is based on the handwriting of artist and illustrator Sasha Khlopok.

Halloween Font Alcotton


4. 1313 Mockingbird Lane

A scary and slimy font created by Jeff Bensch with dripping letters that are great for creating monster themed items.

Halloween Font 1313 Mockingbird Lane


5. BoB Font

Download this free and playful TTF formatted font for your next spooky design project by Zar Ni.

Halloween Font BoB Font


6. Sinistral

A high-energy handwritten font inspired by 80s horror films with a touch of modern grit by Trevor Garner.

Halloween Font Sinistral


7. Ghoulish

A Halloween typeface inspired by vintage horror flicks and a love of all things ghastly that was created by Sinister Fonts.

Halloween Font Ghoulish


8. Death Valley

Grab this free and creepy font that's in an OTF file which was designed by Jonathan S. Harris.

Halloween Font Death Valley


9. October Twilight

A swirly lettering font that was created by Misti's Fonts available as both a TTF and OTF file download.

Halloween Font October Twilight


10. Butter Haunted

A horror display font that's great for creating haunted Halloween moments by Zziplex.

Halloween Font Butter Haunted