October has arrived and that means Halloween is right around the corner. Now you need an awesome and free Halloween font for your design project that needs a scary, freaky or creepy feel to it. You may also want to try a Halloween Photoshop tutorial.


1. Story Brush Font

A highly detailed brush font that has over 240 glyphs with both regular and slanted versions.

Story Brush Font


2. Zombified

A terrifying free zombie-based font that's available in TrueType format.



3. Ghoulish Font

Inspired by vintage horror flicks and a love of all things ghastly, this is a typeface only a monster could love.

Ghoulish Font


4. Lakeshore Drive

An OTF (OpenType font) formatted typeface that's perfect for your next Halloween design project.

Lakeshore Drive


5. Ghost Reverie Font

A spooky ghost-based font available to download as a free TTF (TrueType font) file.

Ghost Reverie Font


6. Nemo Nightmares Font

Download this free Halloween horror font and use it for personal or commercial use.

Nemo Nightmares Font


7. Demon Sker Font

Take your stress to entirely new depths with the rigid structure of letterforms.

Demon Sker Font


8. DK Mothman Font

A sinister full-versioned typeface including all diacritics, embedding rights, additional glyphs and kerning, is available.

DK Mothman Font


9. You Murderer BB Font

A gruesome title font created by dipping a finger in runny ink and writing on sheets of bristol board that simulates someone's dying message written in blood!

You Murderer BB Font


10. Kreepy Krawly Font

A scary, weathered free font that works great with any Halloween design.

Kreepy Krawly Font