Bioflux is a wallpaper art series exploring biomechanical space life.

Our society seems to be experiencing an explosion of creativity, and typeface design is certainly no exception to that. Below you will find my compilation of free hipster fonts that will hopefully assist designers in upcoming projects.


1. Geared

An industrial-inspired, condensed slab-serif font that includes four weights: Thin, Regular, Bold, and Extra Bold.



2. Duke

Based on the signage for the Cup and Saucer Luncheonette in New York, Duke features three layers: Fill, Shadow, and Fill+Shadow.



3. Adelle Basic

This award-winning font is a dynamic slab-serif conceived specifically for intensive editorial use, but its personality and flexibility make for a real multiple-purpose typeface.

Adelle Basic


4. RBNo2

A gothic sans-serif typeface inspired by late 19th century industrial fonts with german roots regarding straightness and geometry.



5. Rex

An all-caps font family that was designed to create unique titles on the fly.



6. ChunkFive

An ultra-bold slab-serif typeface that is reminiscent of old American Western woodcuts, broadsides, and newspaper headlines.



7. Weston

A rounded slab-serif font that offers designers a suitable typeface for modification in logos and headlines.



8. Ostrich Sans

A gorgeous, modern sans-serif font with a very long neck that includes a slew of styles and weights.

Ostrich Sans


9. Corki

A condensed typeface suitable mostly for headlines that's available in four different styles: Normal, Rounded, Tuscan Normal, and Tuscan Rounded.



10. Besom

A true hipster font that every designer needs to add to their arsenal of goodies.