It appears that the design community is going through a little retro phase, especially for the 80s. I also stumbled upon an upcoming art show dubbed 'The Murray Affair', which features 80s super-star Bill Murray. This got me motivated to roundup retro typefaces that work great with most designs. Below you will find my compilation of free retro fonts that will hopefully assist designers in upcoming projects. But first, check out this rad sample of Bill Murray fan art that will be in the show.


Bill Murray Fan Art


1. Streetwear

A 1960s and 70s fashion and sport related script typeface that's unique and fun at the same time.



2. Matchbook

A simple and functional set of two typefaces designed in a serif and sans-serif version.



3. Retro

A five-weight typeface in TrueType format to use in any graphic design application.



4. Bazar

A nice retro-style condensed font to download as a TTF file.



5. Rispa

A beautiful, classic and free typeface inspired by Paris.



6. Pricedown

Based on a late-Sixties font called Pinto Flare; famous for its use in the titles for the TV program 'The Price is Right'.



7. Hagin

A serif font constructed with strong geometric forms in ”old school” style.



8. REN

This retro typeface is available in 4 weights and is best suited for posters, logos and motion graphics.



9. Riesling

A sophisticated and elegant font available in TrueType format.



10. Fusty Saddle

Fusty, which means old fashioned in attitude or style, is a fun font where every character was first hand-drawn.

Fusty Saddle