It appears that the design community is going through a little retro phase, especially for the 80s. Below you will find my roundup of free retro fonts that will hopefully assist you in upcoming projects.


1. Streetwear

A 1960s and 70s fashion and sport related script typeface that's unique and fun at the same time.



2. Matchbook

A simple and functional set of two typefaces designed in a serif and sans-serif version.



3. West Side

A display font that can be used to quickly give a retro feeling to your design.

West Side


4. Bazar

A nice retro-style condensed font to download as a TTF file.



5. Rispa

A beautiful, classic and free typeface inspired by Paris.



6. Pricedown

Based on a late-Sixties font called Pinto Flare; famous for its use in the titles for the TV program 'The Price is Right'.



7. Hagin

A serif font constructed with strong geometric forms in ”old school” style.



8. REN

This retro typeface is available in 4 weights and is best suited for posters, logos and motion graphics.



9. Riesling

A sophisticated and elegant font available in TrueType format.



10. Fusty Saddle

Fusty, which means old fashioned in attitude or style, is a fun font where every character was first hand-drawn.

Fusty Saddle