A truly creative logo always thinks outside the pizza box. Check out my top 10 picks for the most deliciously inspiring pizza logos on the web today!


1. Bafetto

Is the image a wizard hat or is it a slice of pizza? The creative use of an optical illusion makes this logo a standout.



2. Caribbean Pizza

Check out the pizza pirate, complete with a pepperoni eye patch and crossed sword peppers. Jack Sparrow would be inspired to eat here.

Caribbean Pizza


3. IncrediBull Pizza

The University of Buffalo worked with a marketing company to design a catchy pizza logo that incorporates the name with the college sports mascot. Great design, no bull.

IncrediBull Pizza


4. 24/7 Pizza

No graphic needed! The text speaks for itself by incorporating the numbers 24 and 7 into the logo.

24/7 Pizza


5. Flippin' Pizza

Great use of imagery to turn the letter "i" into arms. Flippin creative!

Flippin' Pizza


6. Click Pizza

Awesome logo for an online pizza restaurant. The slice is also the cursor, which automatically lets the customer know that they are to order the food online.

Click Pizza


7. Monster Pizza

This logo just screams branding! Tee shirts, mugs, accessories. So many great tie-ins can go with this cool logo.

Monster Pizza


8. Pizza Crown

Creative and powerful use of positive and negative space here. The arrangement of the slices create the crown image.

Pizza Crown


9. Stroller Pizza

Once again, the designer has found a way to merge two images together to become one logo icon. Memorable, fun and unique.

Stroller Pizza


10. Home Run Pizza

The baseball bats and "home plate" come together to establish the branding of the Home Run Pizza name.

Home Run Pizza