An optical illusion, also called a visual illusion, is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The usage of an optical illusion can be a great inspiration for a unique and mind-bending logo. Here are some amazing examples of optical illusions in logo design.


1. Spartans Golf Club

What an awesome way to incorporate the golf swing into the Spartan helmet. Clever and eye-catching!

Spartans Golf Club


2. Pittsburgh Zoo

Is it a tree, or a gorilla and a lion facing off? How about the use of adding fish and other animal shapes in the negative space.

Pittsburgh Zoo


3. Smart Owl

Are the spiral eyes coming towards you, or receding backwards?

Smart Owl


4. Friedman Psychology Group

Is the image a butterfly? A person? Two profiles? All three images? You be the judge!

Friedman Psychology Group


5. Benchmark League

This logo incorporates a popular optical illusion because, according to the artist,  business owners may have the perception that their business is performing well, but in actual fact, compared to other business, they are underperforming.

Benchmark League


6. Puzzelmuseum Joure

This logo was designed for a museum in the Netherlands with many types of optical illusion and mathematical puzzles. The logo captures the feel of the museum.

Puzzelmuseum Joure


7. Illusion

Great logo for an optician, communications firm, photographer, magician or creative design services firm. It also prints well in black and white.



8. Opposite Optics

Did you notice how your mind reads this logo name backwards and forwards?

Opposite Optics


9. Musician Monogram

What do you see first? The initials T J, or the music note? Or... did you see both?

Musician Monogram


10. Lucid Form Architecture

This logo utilizes the optical illusion of a cube within a cube, resulting in a 3D "L" shape. Great idea, especially for an architectural firm.

Lucid Form Architecture