Wake up and smell the coffee logos. Whether you find drinking coffee to be a necessitiy, a tradition, a social behavior, an obesession, or simply the best way to keep awake and alert, you can still find inspiration in these mind-jolting coffee logo designs.


1. Coffee Cup

This award-winning logo is one of the most creative images I've seen. Notice how the steam from the coffee forms the lower case letter "f". What might not be as obvious, though, is that the coffee mug actually spells out the word cup.

Coffee Cup


2. CoffeeGirl

Notice how the hair forms a coffee bean? Look even closer and you can see that the smiley face and ear form the image of a coffee cup. I also like the idea of having two tones of brown to separate the words coffee and girl. It allows the name to be one word, but have the feel of two.



3. CoffeeNerd

This logo is creative on many levels! The use of the mugs side by side to create glasses, the steam hair and coffee handle ears all tie in together to form the ultimate coffee nerd.



4. CoffeeTalk Restaurant

You've gotta love the integration of the coffee mug and the head on this logo. The utilization of the steam can simulate either hair or thoughts. The font used in "CoffeeTalk" even has the feel of conversation.

CoffeeTalk Restaurant


5. Cyber Cafe

How many of you immediately noticed the use of the computer mouse to create the illusion of a coffee mug? Awesome and creative!

Cyber Cafe


6. CoffeeTalk

This logo is especially clever because it uses quotation marks to create the coffee mug. This completely ties in with the CoffeeTalk branding.



7. Espresso

This logo creates a three-way optical illusion. Notice how the logo integrates the letter "e", the coffee mug, and the espresso bean.



8. D'Cups Coffee Shop

This image needs no explanation! Gotta love the humor in this coffee shop logo.

D'Cups Coffee Shop


9. Art Cafe

This logo was designed for a cafe located in an art gallery. The combined images of the cup and palette is the perfect blending for this environment!

Art Cafe


10. Coffee Mug

This eye-catching logo uses the letters "c" and "m" to form the shape of the coffee mug. The color choices of subtle green and brown help give the feel of coffee.

Coffee Mug