Who says that a bank, investment or finance company logo has to be boring and stuffy? Check out these creative and inspiring money-making logo designs. I think you'll agree that the creativity really "pays off".


1. Wise Man

This logo creatively uses the letter W to simulate the upward trend in the stock market. You can tell at first glance that this company is finance related.

Wise Man


2. Money Monkey

Forget about the stuffy and serious finance-related logos. It's refreshing to see a light-hearted logo like this out there!

Money Monkey


3. Trading 24-7

What an awesome way to merge the building and the clock to create a fresh, innovative and "timely" logo for this investment company.

Trading 24-7


4. WhaleSave

The designer of this logo merged the whale image with the image of a bank. Did you notice the coin and slot at first glance?



5. Finance Spinner

You can actually feel the motion of the top spinning in this logo. A great "spin" on the typical investment/finance logo.

Finance Spinner


6. Trading Finance

Look at the image closely. Did you notice the shaking hands? A typical business gesture that hits the mark in this logo.

Trading Finance


7. A List Partners

This logo was designed for a professional networking investment firm. What better way to think outside the box than to incorporate the "red carpet". Talk about the ultimate way to network.

A List Partners


8. Bank 2 Bank

The designer strategically placed both of the letter B's back to back in the background. It reminds you of the company name "Bank to Bank", with the number 2 placed in the foreground.

Bank 2 Bank


9. Aubacus

Aubacus, pronounced Or-bac-us, is a play on the word Abacus. This logo is ideally suited for a financial accounting business.



10. The Financial Toolbox

Check out the merging of the letter F and the tool. A creative twist on your typical finance logo.

The Financial Toolbox