The monkey is an animal that lends itself very well to logo design. Monkeys are smart, funny, nimble and many people believe they are the closest relative to humans. Check out these 10 awesomely playful monkey logos.


1. Monkey Business

Check out the whimsical use of the tail carrying the briefcase. This logo is also all about running the corporate world.

Monkey Business


2. MonkeyBrain Comics

This logo is a standout because it's unique. It's design is both literal and out-of-the-box at the same time.

MonkeyBrain Comics


3. Monkey Wrench Cycles

Great and creative merging of the monkeys with the monkey wrench.

Monkey Wrench Cycles


4. Burger Monkey

There's deliberate comical use of the burger as part of the monkey's mouth. Notice how the designer uses  lettuce for the teeth and meat for the tongue. Great restaurant logo!

Burger Monkey


5. 3 Monkeys

The number 3 works itself smoothly into the monkeys graphic to reinforce the name branding of the company.

3 Monkeys


6. Voodoo Monkey

No cute monkey design going on here. This logo gets downright primitive.

Voodoo Monkey


7. Monkey Hand Labs

The eye-catching black and white graphic with the red name really makes the viewer take notice.

Monkey Hand Labs


8. Chimple

This logo face was cleverly created using punctuation marks. Memorable, catchy and clever!



9. Primal Records

A fun and cool logo for a record company.

Primal Records


10. FireMonkey

The FireMonkey is inspired by a Chinese horoscope. It stands for influence and power.