Have you ever just felt like suggesting a totally new design for a big brand's logo, website or app? See how these designers take on conceptual redesigns of high-profile brands such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and more.


1. Google - Redesign Concept + Freebie

Google - Redesign Concept + Freebie


2. Facebook - New Look & Concept

Facebook - New Look & Concept


3. Twitter. Redesign Concept

Twitter. Redesign Concept


4. Instagram Flat Redesign + Extra Functions

Instagram Flat Redesign + Extra Functions


5. WordPress Admin Theme Redesign

WordPress Admin Theme Redesign


6. YouTube.com Redesign

YouTube.com Redesign


7. The Next Microsoft

The Next Microsoft


8. Windows UI Concept

Windows UI Concept


9. Skype iOS7 Redesign

Skype iOS7 Redesign


10. Google+ Redesigned Concept

Google+ Redesigned Concept


11. Shazam Redesign

Shazam Redesign


12. Amazon - iOS7 Redesign

Amazon - iOS7 Redesign