An artist or designer can find inspiration almost anywhere, and stop motion videos are certainly no stranger to that. Stop motion is an animation technique that works by moving an object in small increments between individually photographed frames, then playing those frames back in sequence to create the illusion of movement. Claymation is a good example of this. I hope that you find this surreal collection of stop motion videos by Tobias Stretch inspiring like I have. But first, an excellent quote that Tobias is quite fond of.

"A cinema which is studded with dreams, and which gives you the physical sensation of pure life, finds its triumph in the most excessive sort of humor. A certain excitement of objects, forms, and expressions can only be translated into the convulsions and surprises of a reality that seems to destroy itself with an irony in which you can hear a scream from the extremities of the mind." — Antonin Artaud


1. Weird Fishes by Radiohead


2. Spiders by Oh, Rabbit

No Longer Available


3. Illuminant by Efterklang


4. Woodsong 1 by Make a Rising


5. Blood & Thunder by Matthias Sturm


6. Song Without a Hero by The Orange Strips

No Longer Available


7. Gig by Brian Goss


8. In the Summer by Crystal Fighters


9. Swallow by Crystal Fighters

No Longer Available


10. The Language by Dead Snares


11. Soldat 2 by Dode


12. All Eyes by Post War Years