Let's start the new year right by featuring a German based artist that goes by the name of Polilux. You'll have no problem finding inspiration with this showcase of dark-n-sexy photomanipulations by Polilux!


1. American Way of Life

American Way of Life


2. Contaminated Sites

Contaminated Sites


3. Emergency



4. Fuck the Police

Fuck the Police


5. The Hive

The Hive


6. Imperial Slave

Imperial Slave


7. Into the Deep

Into the Deep


8. Killzone



9. New Impact

New Impact


10. New World Order

New World Order


11. Ramona Falls

Ramona Falls


12. Save the Nature

Save the Nature


13. The Secret 2

The Secret 2


14. Sky Captain

Sky Captain


15. Stop Atomic Power

Stop Atomic Power


16. Umbrella Corp.

Umbrella Corp.


17. Wolfsschanze



18. Yakuzagirl