Edgar Sandoval is a talented digital illustrator in Heredia, Costa Rica specializing in digital art, illustration and drawing. Below you will find a collection of sexy pin-up illustrations for today's design inspiration fix. Enjoy!


1. Fanart Zatanna

Fanart Zatanna


2. Lumina Trinquette

Lumina Trinquette


3. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill


4. Skydoll



5. Geminis



6. Vampirella



7. Bettie Page

Bettie Page


8. PowerGirl and Wonder Woman

PowerGirl and Wonder Woman


9. Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy


10. The James Bond Girl

The James Bond Girl


11. Princess Leia Slave Costume

Princess Leia Slave Costume


12. Barbarella



13. Quimera 3

Quimera 3


14. Fanart Videogame Girls

Fanart Videogame Girls


15. Fanarts DC

Fanarts DC


16. Fanarts DC 2

Fanarts DC 2


17. Legend of Korra 2

Legend of Korra 2


18. Frozen



19. Spartan Girl

Spartan Girl


20. Miss Marvel

Miss Marvel