So I decided to dive into 3D printing from Photoshop and found that it's way easier than I thought. Below I have rounded up 5 great video tutorials to quickly show you how to get started with 3D printing.


1. Create and Prepare a 3D Model for Printing

Convert your 2D design to 3D and modify the scale and depth of the object.


2. Print Your 3D Model at Shapeways

Learn how to set up your model, try different materials, and send your model to the Shapeways 3D printing service.


3. Share Your 3D Model

Upload your model to the Sketchfab service and then embed the Sketchfab code on Behance to share your 3D creation with the world.


4. Fundamentals of 3D Printing in Photoshop CC

Learn the basics of creating, importing and manipulating 3D in Photoshop CC. Then learn how to easily 3D print an iPhone case.


5. 3D Printing: Create an iPhone Case in Photoshop CC

Learn how to turn a simple layer into 3D, manipulate it, use Illustrator graphics to extrude and warp, and then take those 3D graphics to be printed in the material of your choice.