Just when you start to think that things may be slowing down a bit, here comes another wave of change for web developers. This recent shift is primarily focusing on improving user experience by removing noise, or unnecessary crap from websites. Change is a good thing. These concepts appear to be based on practicality and common sense. So without further ado, let's get started!


1. Removal of Social Buttons

Yup, you heard right! We may see the disappearance of the Twitter, Facebook and Google+ buttons from websites and articles. Wow, really? Right now, this crazy but understandable concept is being heavily discussed, debated and experimented with. This idea was first conceived by Smashing Magazine and Information Architects in the last 2 weeks. There are many valid points for removing social buttons from a website. One point is social networks are receiving free advertising and brand promotion when people place these buttons on a website. Another good point is that there's a huge depreciation in page speed that can make load times be very painful, especially Facebook. Looking at the big picture, this may cause people to see social buttons in a whole new way, which is good. It'll be very interesting to see how this plays out.

Social Buttons


2. Chrome Killed Internet Explorer

I have to report a murder, and Google is the killer. Google's Chrome has not only passed Internet Explorer, it has passed all Internet browsers to become the most-used browser in the world. Our community of web designers and developers have long anticipated and encouraged the demise of Internet Explorer. Looks like we're finally getting what we want! Although this is good news for everyone, I'm sure that developers will be dancing in the streets after hearing this wonderful news.

Google Chrome


3. Twitter is Removing Annoyance

Twitter has joined the bandwagon for improving user experience by speeding things up. Who doesn't like fast? We have all seen that annoying little #! symbol thing located in Twitter's URL. Not any more! But why was it ever there to begin with? My current understanding is that the #! is a limitation from implementing a specific, JavaScript-based approach to the core Twitter architecture. This change will dramatically boost the speed of Twitter.



4. Google Places is Over

Google Places is gone, finished, kicked the bucket, bought the farm, closed up shop. Well, you get the idea. This may be more useful for Internet marketers and SEO consultants, but web developers obviously need to be aware of this. So what happened? It's simple, Google Paces has now been replaced by Google+ Local. Based on my observations, Google+ hasn't been doing too well despite its super fast growth. Will Google+ Local be the push that Google+ needs to succeed?

Google Plus Local


Putting Change into Perspective

You may agree or disagree with these changes, but ignoring any intelligent thought or idea is a fatal mistake for any industry. Most of these changes are purposeful removals to reduce noise on websites that result in making happy users. Web developers are starting to understand that simplicity is the right approach, not frustration. I would love to hear your thoughts about this!