Loopydave is an Australian based illustrator that draws amazing pinups with great detail, vivid colors and voluptuous figures. You will also find that Loopydave's illustrations include a wide range of impactive characters for everyone. Below is where you will find my showcase of awesome illustrations by Loopydave. Enjoy!


1. Quiet as a Mouse

Quiet as a Mouse


2. Cats Tongue

Cats Tongue


3. Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket


4. Outback Xmas Turkey

Outback Xmas Turkey


5. Surfshop



6. A Fine Romance

A Fine Romance


7. Captain Stone

Captain Stone


8. Alberto Ruiz

Alberto Ruiz


9. F16 Falcon

F16 Falcon


10. Flexin' Santa

Flexin' Santa


11. DJ Goh Goh

DJ Goh Goh


12. Flying Giraffe

Flying Giraffe


13. Giddyup



14. Frozen Fish Sticks

Frozen Fish Sticks


15. Outback Witch

Outback Witch


16. Matrix Pret a Porter

Matrix Pret a Porter


17. Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye


18. Popcorn



19. Ping Pong Pachyderm

Ping Pong Pachyderm


20. Roundup



21. Pigbee



22. Shock and Awe Cupid Style

Shock and Awe Cupid Style


23. Sword Song

Sword Song


24. Tin Cow

Tin Cow


25. Tourist Season

Tourist Season


26. Trikeboy



27. Wobots



28. Xmas Tree

Xmas Tree


29. Zen Duck

Zen Duck


30. 57 Chevy

57 Chevy


31. Amnesia IX

Amnesia IX


32. Animal Aphorisms

Animal Aphorisms


33. Builder



34. Cover Paint

Cover Paint


35. Cowgirl



36. Cowgirl Redux

Cowgirl Redux


37. Crocodile Dundee Jnr

Crocodile Dundee Jnr


38. Drinking Dwarf

Drinking Dwarf


39. El Zombo

El Zombo


40. Flying Fox

Flying Fox


41. Ftook



42. Giant Armpitman

Giant Armpitman


43. Got Moo?

Got Moo?


44. Halloween



45. Hogans



46. How to Annoy Logan

How to Annoy Logan


47. Jawas



48. Kitty Kill Surprise

Kitty Kill Surprise


49. Leonardo's Masterpiece

Leonardo's Masterpiece


50. Long in the Tooth

Long in the Tooth


51. Man Shoots Himself in Foot

Man Shoots Himself in Foot


52. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving


53. Spoof



54. Texting



55. The Impractical Viking

The Impractical Viking


56. Threes



57. Van Gogh

Van Gogh


58. Whoops



59. Army



60. Backend of 2009

Backend of 2009


61. Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves