A fun change of pace today with design inspiration that's created out of fresh food ingredients. Carl Warner is a food artist from London, United Kingdom that has produced a collection of delicious foodscapes below. Enjoy!


1. Lettuce Seascape

Lettuce Seascape


2. Great Wall of Pineapple

Great Wall of Pineapple


3. The Onion Taj Mahal

The Onion Taj Mahal


4. The Mayan Pepper Temple

The Mayan Pepper Temple


5. The Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge


6. Foods of Switzerland

Foods of Switzerland


7. Candy Cottage

Candy Cottage


8. Corn Candle

Corn Candle


9. Bread Village

Bread Village


10. Crockerville



11. Tatziki Bridge

Tatziki Bridge


12. EA Cottage

EA Cottage


13. EA Fairground

EA Fairground


14. EA Market

EA Market


15. Pasta Island

Pasta Island


16. Cucumber Bridge

Cucumber Bridge


17. 2001 a Breadscape

2001 a Breadscape


18. Prawn Again Crustaceans

Prawn Again Crustaceans


19. Cheese Volcano

Cheese Volcano


20. Banana Balloon

Banana Balloon


21. Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly


22. Raspberry River

Raspberry River


23. Salmon & Pasta

Salmon & Pasta


24. Thai Boat Man

Thai Boat Man


25. Volcano Valley

Volcano Valley


26. Celery Island

Celery Island


27. Mount Mushroom

Mount Mushroom


28. Pumpkin Paradise

Pumpkin Paradise


29. Red Hot Chilli Scorpion

Red Hot Chilli Scorpion


30. Truffle Falls

Truffle Falls


31. White Chocolate Castle

White Chocolate Castle


32. Yellow Oasis

Yellow Oasis


33. Chocolate Express

Chocolate Express


34. Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building


35. Paris Boulevard

Paris Boulevard


36. Autumn Flakes

Autumn Flakes


37. Broccoli Forest

Broccoli Forest


38. Salmon Sea

Salmon Sea


39. Tuscan Landscape

Tuscan Landscape


40. Tuscan Market

Tuscan Market


41. Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen


42. Cabbage Sea

Cabbage Sea


43. Amazon Kayak

Amazon Kayak


44. Cart & Balloons

Cart & Balloons


45. Garlicshire



46. Celery Forest

Celery Forest


47. Cereal Dust Bowl

Cereal Dust Bowl


48. Cowboy Valley

Cowboy Valley


49. Cheesescape



50. Chinese Junk

Chinese Junk


51. Fishscape



52. Coconut Haystacks

Coconut Haystacks


53. Coralscape



54. Crab Cave

Crab Cave


55. Gondola



56. London Skyline

London Skyline


57. Mushroom Savanna

Mushroom Savanna


58. Parmesan Cliffs

Parmesan Cliffs


59. Breadford & Cheesedale

Breadford & Cheesedale


60. Stilton Cottage

Stilton Cottage


61. Salami Tuscany

Salami Tuscany


62. Salami Mountains

Salami Mountains


63. Salami River

Salami River


64. Meat Stadium

Meat Stadium


65. Meat Factory

Meat Factory


66. Meat Cityscape

Meat Cityscape