HTML5 this, HTML5 that, tired of hearing about it already? Then check out the fun side of HTML5 by recognizing its potential of becoming a serious gaming platform for game developers. My roundup of 7 HTML5 games featured below is all about quality, not quantity. With that in mind, I have played each and every game in this compilation to confirm their awesomeness! However, proceed with caution for which these games are highly addictive!


1. Angry Birds

A strategy game in which players use a slingshot to launch frustrated birds at pigs stationed on various structures with the intent of destroying them.

Angry Birds


2. Cut the Rope

A physics-based puzzle game that entails maneuvering a piece of candy into the mouth of a green monster by severing ropes and manipulating objects.

Cut the Rope


3. Runfield

A fast-pace scrolling game where the idea is to make your fox run as far as he can while jumping at the right points to avoid falling into ditches.



4. Bejeweled

A tile-matching puzzle game with the objective of swapping one gem with an adjacent gem to form horizontal or vertical rows of three or more.



5. Sketch Out

A futuristic game where the idea is to defend your home planet from aliens by using your paddle to deflect incoming missiles or by drawing constellation shield-lines.

Sketch Out


6. The Convergence

A single-player game about relationships, timing, avoiding obstacles and reaching a single goal by controlling two characters at the same time.

The Convergence


7. Sumon

A mathematical puzzle game that involves stringing a series of numbered blocks together to reach the target number by using addition.