Alcohol is one of the most commonly advertised and consumed products on the planet. Whether you enjoy drinking vodka, whiskey, tequila, beer or wine, good advertising can always be appreciated. Below you will find modern alcohol ads for today's design inspiration. Sit back, relax and enjoy! You might also like these creative shoe ads.


1. Ballantine's: Lightbox

Ballantine's: Lightbox


2. Becker: Man

Becker: Man


3. Becker: Woman

Becker: Woman


4. Girl Girl


5. Boxer La Forte: Extra Strong Beer

Boxer La Forte: Extra Strong Beer


6. Brothers: Boot

Brothers: Boot


7. Brothers: Mike

Brothers: Mike


8. Brothers: Mud

Brothers: Mud


9. Bushmills: Light Bulb

Bushmills: Light Bulb


10. Carlsberg: Extra Cold

Carlsberg: Extra Cold


11. Casas del Bosque: Dante Alighieri

Casas Del Bosque: Dante Alighieri


12. Casas del Bosque: Federico Fellini

Casas del Bosque: Federico Fellini


13. Casas del Bosque: Jean Knessmann

Casas del Bosque: Jean Knessmann


14. Casas del Bosque: M. McAllister

Casas del Bosque: M. McAllister


15. Casas del Bosque: Napoleon

Casas del Bosque: Napoleon


16. Casas del Bosque: Refran Espanol

Casas del Bosque: Refran Espanol


17. Casas del Bosque: Refran Mexicano

Casas del Bosque: Refran Mexicano


18. Cascade: Girl Blonde

Cascade: Girl Blonde


19. Cascade: Girl Brunette

Cascade: Girl Brunette


20. Cascade: Guy

Cascade: Guy


21. Champagne G. H. Mumm: Mountains

Champagne G. H. Mumm: Mountains


22. Coors Light: Mountains

Coors Light: Mountains


23. Devassa: Sink

Devassa: Sink


24. EFFEN: Bellhop

EFFEN: Bellhop


25. EFFEN: Flight Attendant

EFFEN: Flight Attendant


26. EFFEN: Ski Bunny

EFFEN: Ski Bunny


27. Freschello: Cow

Freschello: Cow


28. Freschello: Fish

Freschello: Fish


29. Freschello: Pig

Freschello: Pig


30. Gauden Bier: Field

Gauden Bier: Field


31. Glenfiddich: Love

Glenfiddich: Love


32. Grolsch: Bottomsch Up

Grolsch: Bottomsch Up


33. Guinness: Rugby

Guinness: Rugby


34. Guinness: Think Positive

Guinness: Think Positive


35. Heineken: Snow

Heineken: Snow


36. Heineken: Snow 2

Heineken: Snow 2


37. Hochriegl: Woman

Hochriegl: Woman


38. Imperial: Factory

Imperial: Factory


39. Imperial: Rainwater

Imperial: Rainwater


40. Imperial: Volcano

Imperial: Volcano


41. Jagermeister: Band

Jagermeister: Band


42. Jagermeister: Couple

Jagermeister: Couple


43. Jagermeister: Glass

Jagermeister: Glass


44. Kingfisher: Draught

Kingfisher: Draught


45. Knock Out: Cannon

Knock Out: Cannon


46. Knock Out: Grenade

Knock Out: Grenade


47. Knock Out: Tank

Knock Out: Tank


48. Lowenbrau: Arms

Lowenbrau: Arms


49. Lowenbrau: Flying

Lowenbrau: Flying


50. Lowenbrau: Karate

Lowenbrau: Karate


51. Lowenbrau: Operation

Lowenbrau: Operation


52. Lowenbrau: Rope

Lowenbrau: Rope


53. Mariachi: Bar

Mariachi: Bar


54. Mariachi: Beach

Mariachi: Beach


55. Martini: Asti

Martini: Asti


56. Martini: Asti 2

Martini: Asti 2


57. Martini: Asti 3

Martini: Asti 3


58. Martini: Bianco

Martini: Bianco


59. Martini: Rosato

Martini: Rosato


60. Martini: Rosso

Martini: Rosso


61. Septima: Cabernet Sauvignon

Septima: Cabernet Sauvignon


62. Septima: Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon

Septima: Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon


63. Smirnoff: Adam and Eve

Smirnoff: Adam and Eve


64. Smirnoff: Cupid

Smirnoff: Cupid


65. Tuborg: Bachelor Party

Tuborg: Bachelor Party


66. Tuborg: Beach Party

Tuborg: Beach Party


67. Tuborg: Gay Party

Tuborg: Gay Party


68. Tuborg: Hip Hop Party

Tuborg: Hip Hop Party


69. Zhumir: Chica

Zhumir: Chica


70. Zhumir: Chico

Zhumir: Chico