Rocky Davies is a professional artist based in Idaho, USA specializing in digital art. Below you will find his rad collection of 80s Fan Art for today's design inspiration fix. Enjoy!

"I like to let the project define the style that I work in instead of letting my style define the projects I get hired for.” — Rocky Davies


1. The Dreams in Which I’m Dying…

The Dreams in Which I’m Dying…


2. I Want to Know What Love Is!

I Want to Know What Love Is!


3. It Ain’t Personal

It Ain’t Personal


4. Deal With It.

Deal With It.


5. Samus Aran Kid Hero

Samus Aran Kid Hero


6. Venom Kid Hero

Venom Kid Hero


7. Leonardo Kid Hero

Leonardo Kid Hero


8. Nick Fury Kid Hero

Nick Fury Kid Hero


9. Gamorrean Guard Kid Hero

Gamorrean Guard Kid Hero


10. He-Man Kid Hero

He-Man Kid Hero


11. Skeletor Kid Hero

Skeletor Kid Hero


12. Tony Stark Kid Hero

Tony Stark Kid Hero


13. Captain America Kid Hero

Captain America Kid Hero


14. Link Kid Hero

Link Kid Hero


15. Wolverine Kid Hero

Wolverine Kid Hero