Vigan Tafili is an art director, concept artist and illustrator from Pristina, Kosovo with a crush on colors and forms. His style is defined by his use of color, graphic compositions and constructed visuals. In this project he decided to release his personal illustrations as wallpapers. Simply click on a preview image from the roundup below to view and download the full-size wallpaper.


1. Unrest

Vigan Tafili Unrest Wallpaper


2. Iluzion Natyror

Vigan Tafili Iluzion Natyror Wallpaper


3. ArtJunks

Vigan Tafili ArtJunks Wallpaper


4. Girl

Vigan Tafili Girl Wallpaper


5. Muraqaba

Vigan Tafili Muraqaba Wallpaper


6. Seven Lives

Vigan Tafili Seven Lives Wallpaper


7. Under the Sea

Vigan Tafili Under the Sea Wallpaper


8. Release

Vigan Tafili Release Wallpaper


9. Elements

Vigan Tafili Elements Wallpaper