WorkByKnight is a Melbourne, Australia based artist that focuses on digital art, drawing and fine arts. Enjoy some inspiration today by viewing celebrities made out of old computer keys in his series entitled Analog to Digital.


1. Daniel Johns

Daniel Johns


2. Johhny Depp

Johhny Depp


3. Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam


4. Bono



5. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis


6. Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton


7. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart


8. Star Wars Vader Mask

Star Wars Vader Mask


9. Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar


10. Mapplethorpe



11. Robocop



12. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs


13. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks


14. Will Ferrel

Will Ferrel


15. Woody Allen

Woody Allen


16. Ray Manzarek

Ray Manzarek


17. Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa