Oer-Wout, also known as J-W van Ederen, is an awesome photographer from the Netherlands. Check out his beautiful photography below that captures the melodies of life.

"I look at these things with intense delight and as I observe them there is no observer but only sheer beauty like love. For a moment I am absent with all my problems, anxieties and miseries - there is only that marvelous thing." — Oer-Wout


1. Flow



2. Deja Vu

Deja Vu


3. Colors the Day

Colors the Day


4. In-Between



5. Battle of the Light

Battle of the Light


6. Beauty Abounds

Beauty Abounds


7. Autumn Mantra

Autumn Mantra


8. Havezate Mensinge

Havezate Mensinge


9. Sine Tempore

Sine Tempore


10. Undress Your Mind

Undress Your Mind


11. Approaching



12. Reincarnate Now

Reincarnate Now


13. Freedom Found in Surrender

Freedom Found in Surrender


14. Chateau Nienoord

Chateau Nienoord


15. Amber Autumn

Amber Autumn


16. Mysterious Woods

Mysterious Woods


17. Veiled in a Dream

Veiled in a Dream


18. A Deeper Silence

A Deeper Silence


19. Into Beyond

Into Beyond


20. All That Mumbles

All That Mumbles


21. Pan's Domain

Pan's Domain


22. Springscape



23. Vitamin Sea

Vitamin Sea


24. In Light

In Light


25. Last Solo

Last Solo


26. The Lounge

The Lounge


27. Winter Tale

Winter Tale


28. Prelude



29. Ad Libitum

Ad Libitum


30. J's Heaven

J's Heaven


31. Become the Unknown

Become the Unknown


32. In2 Beyond

In2 Beyond


33. Firestarter



34. Memories of the Future

Memories of the Future


35. Lounging



36. The King is Gone

The King is Gone


37. Shine



38. Moon Butterflies

Moon Butterflies


39. Impact



40. And so it Goes

And so it Goes


41. Almost Home

Almost Home


42. No Need to Run

No Need to Run


43. All the Flowers in the World

All the Flowers in the World


44. Wanderer II

Wanderer II


45. Timeless



46. Let the Sky Fall

Let the Sky Fall


47. Just for a Moment

Just for a Moment


48. Utopia for Whispering

Utopia for Whispering


49. Dancing in the Field

Dancing in the Field


50. Honey in the Heart

Honey in the Heart


51. Still... For a Moment

Still... For a Moment


52. My Drifting Island

My Drifting Island


53. Autumn Guard

Autumn Guard


54. Ad Libitum IV

Ad Libitum IV


55. Eindeloos



56. Days of Slumber

Days of Slumber


57. Leaves Slowly, Quietly

Leaves Slowly, Quietly


58. Aftermath