Karl Mascia from the Bensalem Kiwanis in Bensalem, PA needed a new charity website. The Bensalem Kiwanis offer fundraisers and programs for children. For the website colors, I used the official Kiwanis blue and gold colors. The font is Gloria Hallelujah by Kimberly Geswein, which is a fun and playful style that is easy to read. It's based on the handwriting of a Korean high school student.

Bensalem Kiwanis Preview


On the home page, I placed a big flags image to promote their popular Fly Old Glory fundraiser. I then added their monthly meetings information and a picture of children. I followed with upcoming events and the history of the Kiwanis. I ended with related links.
Bensalem Kiwanis 1

For the fundraisers page, I added the Fly Old Glory event and important info with a download link for the form.
Bensalem Kiwanis 2

I listed all of their programs on the programs page.
Bensalem Kiwanis 3

On the members page, I listed club officers and directors, club members, foundation officers and directors.
Bensalem Kiwanis 4

For the awards page, I listed awards like Service to Education Award, Educator of the Year and Bensalem Kiwanian of the Year.
Bensalem Kiwanis 5

The supported clubs page features the clubs K-Kids, Builders Club and Aktion Club.
Bensalem Kiwanis 6

The contact page has the Bensalem Kiwanis address, email, phone and contact form. The form submissions show up on their monthly performance reports.
Bensalem Kiwanis 7


Responsive Test

To wrap things up, I tested the website on all devices to make sure everything looked good and worked correctly.

Test Now


The Results

Karl was happy with the playful and informative design of the site. The Kiwanis have been a long-term client and the website continues to grow and raise money for children fundraisers. I continue to maintain the website, coding, hosting, graphics and organic Google search rankings while providing updates when needed. The site ranks #1 in Google for terms like bensalem children fundraisers.

"New Evolution has worked with the Bensalem Kiwanis for years providing us with outstanding service. When a problem arises prompted service is given. We are very pleased with New Evolution." - Karl

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