Today I'm releasing a project entitled 3D Printed Coin, and I'm also going to show you how to create it in Photoshop CC 2014.2.2. This is a tutorial that focuses on creating the file, changing units, converting to 3D and printing. Here are more tuts and free source files.


3D Printed Coin Preview


1. Create File

Open your PSD file.

3D Printed Coin 1


In Menu Bar, File > Save As… > Save As: 3d-printed-coin.psd > click Save.

3D Printed Coin 2


2. Change Units

Right-click on ruler.

3D Printed Coin 3



3D Printed Coin 4


3. Convert to 3D

In Layers panel, rename layer to Coin. In Menu Bar, 3D > New 3D Extrusion from Selected Layer > click Continue > click Yes.

3D Printed Coin 5


In 3D panel, select Scene > in Properties panel, click 3D Print Settings icon > Print To: Shapeways, Printer: Steel - Stainless, Detail Level: High, Scene Volume X: 2.

3D Printed Coin 6


In 3D panel, select Coin > in Properties panel, click Deform icon > Extrusion Depth: 0.125 in.

3D Printed Coin 7


Click Coordinates icon > Rotation X: 90° > click Move To Ground.

3D Printed Coin 8


4. Print

In Menu Bar, 3D > 3D Print… > click OK.

3D Printed Coin 9


Export > click Save > click Yes (goes to > create an account.

3D Printed Coin 10


MAKE > UPLOAD 3D MODEL > SELECT FILE > select > click Choose > select inches > click UPLOAD > click ADD TO CART for Stainless Steel > click CHECKOUT NOW > complete the check out process. Done!

3D Printed Coin 11


Source Files