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Today I'm releasing a project entitled 3D Printed Coin, and I'm also going to show you how to create it in Photoshop CC 2014.2.2. This is a tutorial that focuses on creating the file, changing units, converting to 3D and printing.


3D Printed Coin Preview

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1. Create File

Open your PSD file.

3D Printed Coin 1


In Menu Bar, File > Save As… > Save As: 3d-printed-coin.psd > click Save.

3D Printed Coin 2


2. Change Units

Right-click on ruler.

3D Printed Coin 3



3D Printed Coin 4


3. Convert to 3D

In Layers panel, rename layer to Coin. In Menu Bar, 3D > New 3D Extrusion from Selected Layer > click Continue > click Yes.

3D Printed Coin 5


In 3D panel, select Scene > in Properties panel, click 3D Print Settings icon > Print To: Shapeways, Printer: Steel - Stainless, Detail Level: High, Scene Volume X: 2.

3D Printed Coin 6


In 3D panel, select Coin > in Properties panel, click Deform icon > Extrusion Depth: 0.125 in.

3D Printed Coin 7


Click Coordinates icon > Rotation X: 90° > click Move To Ground.

3D Printed Coin 8


4. Print

In Menu Bar, 3D > 3D Print… > click OK.

3D Printed Coin 9


Export > click Save > click Yes (goes to Shapeways.com) > create an account.

3D Printed Coin 10


MAKE > UPLOAD 3D MODEL > SELECT FILE > select 3d-printed-coin.stl.zip > click Choose > select inches > click UPLOAD > click ADD TO CART for Stainless Steel > click CHECKOUT NOW > complete the check out process. Done!

3D Printed Coin 11