Charlie-Henson is a digital artist who specializes in custom landscape and scenery backgrounds with a dark theme. Below you will find a huge roundup of his darkscape wallpapers to download for free. Simply click on a preview image below to view and download the full-size wallpaper.


1. Chill of Distant Eyes

Chill of Distant Eyes


2. Getting Closer Now

Getting Closer Now


3. The Kings Legacy

The Kings Legacy


4. Glory Will Carry On

Glory Will Carry On


5. Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown


6. Stains on Our Shields

Stains on Our Shields


7. Fate Will Reveal

Fate Will Reveal


8. Alive Forevermore

Alive Forevermore


9. Nothing Left to Fear

Nothing Left to Fear


10. Honor Compelled

Honor Compelled


11. Forever to Survive

Forever to Survive


12. Riding on the Winds

Riding on the Winds


13. Steel on Our Side

Steel on Our Side


14. Riding with Steel Drawn

Riding with Steel Drawn


15. Hewed with Steel

Hewed with Steel


16. Blessed with Pride

Blessed with Pride


17. End of our Dream

End of our Dream


18. Legacy of Kings

Legacy of Kings


19. Empress of the Dark

Empress of the Dark


20. Hearts Live Forever

Hearts Live Forever


21. Moons are Rising

Moons are Rising


22. Through the Blood

Through the Blood


23. On Our Shields

On Our Shields


24. Let the War Begin

Let the War Begin


25. Thundering Horsemen

Thundering Horsemen


26. Balancing on a Blade

Balancing on a Blade


27. Chaos in Life

Chaos in Life


28. Mankind Lost Control

Mankind Lost Control


29. World of Pain

World of Pain


30. Thunder Everywhere

Thunder Everywhere


31. Days Are Gone

Days Are Gone


32. Before the War

Before the War


33. Once My Home

Once My Home


34. Trying to Survive

Trying to Survive


35. Turned Away

Turned Away


36. Seen It All This Time

Seen It All This Time


37. End of Our Path

End of Our Path


38. The Unholy War

The Unholy War


39. The Prophecy Came True

The Prophecy Came True


40. Now You Believe

Now You Believe


41. Silent Screaming

Silent Screaming


42. Out the Providers

Out the Providers


43. Sit in Silence

Sit in Silence


44. The Prevail

The Prevail


45. The Wisdom the Voice

The Wisdom the Voice


46. Strange Beautiful

Strange Beautiful


47. Knights Hood Path

Knights Hood Path


48. Bare Your Heart

Bare Your Heart


49. Twilight Evening

Twilight Evening


50. The Blessings

The Blessings