Designers Against Child Slavery, or DACS, is a collective of passionate individuals who are aimed at restoring the lives of sex trafficking victims by using art and design. Earlier this year, DACS hosted an art exhibition at the Red Bull Space in SoHo, NYC entitled "Episodes." Below you will find the 50 accepted submissions that were featured in this worthy art show.


Rob Shields

Artist: Rob Shields


Grzegorz Domaradzki

Artist: Grzegorz Domaradzki


Francois Leroy

Artist: Francois Leroy


Ricardo Juarez

Artist: Ricardo Juarez


Ars Thanea

Artist: Ars Thanea


Michal Dziekan

Artist: Michal Dziekan


Niklas Lundberg

Artist: Niklas Lundberg


Tarin Yuangtrakul

Artist: Tarin Yuangtrakul


Alexis Marcou

Artist: Alexis Marcou


Mart Biemans

Artist: Mart Biemans


David Delin

Artist: David Delin


Francois Leroy

Artist: Francois Leroy



Artist: Mydeadpony


Aleksandar Zdravkovic

Artist: Aleksandar Zdravkovic


Niki Pilkington

Artist: Niki Pilkington


Cristiano Siqueira

Artist: Cristiano Siqueira


Lost in Jungle

Artist: Lost in Jungle


Carole Wilmet

Artist: Carole Wilmet


Oh Yeah Studio

Artist: Oh Yeah Studio


Mike Speero

Artist: Mike Speero


Mike Harrison

Artist: Mike Harrison


Jason Beasley

Artist: Jason Beasley


Ranko Blazina

Artist: Ranko Blazina


Luca Molnar

Artist: Luca Molnar


Ray Lau

Artist: Ray Lau


Richard Davies

Artist: Richard Davies


Shane Grammer

Artist: Shane Grammer


Noemi Gambini

Artist: Noemi Gambini


Nathan Walker

Artist: Nathan Walker


Richard Roberts

Artist: Richard Roberts


Chris Valentine

Artist: Chris Valentine


Francois Leroy

Artist: Francois Leroy


Martin de Diego Sádaba

Artist: Martin de Diego Sádaba


Christoph Ruprecht

Artist: Christoph Ruprecht


Chenoa Gao

Artist: Chenoa Gao


Tom Miatke

Artist: Tom Miatke


Bram Vanhaeren

Artist: Bram Vanhaeren


Vigan Tafili

Artist: Vigan Tafili


Igor Scekic

Artist: Igor Scekic


Fabian de Lange

Artist: Fabian de Lange


Neil Hanvey

Artist: Neil Hanvey


Mart Biemans

Artist: Mart Biemans



Artist: Unknown


Stephan van den Brink

Artist: Stephan van den Brink


Daniël Matakupan

Artist: Daniël Matakupan


Xavier Bourdil

Artist: Xavier Bourdil


Jonathan Wong

Artist: Jonathan Wong


Dandhra Bascomb

Artist: Dandhra Bascomb


George Stoyanov

Artist: George Stoyanov


Anthony Gargasz & Khyzyl Saleem

Artist: Anthony Gargasz & Khyzyl Saleem