All great designs or art need some awesome texture added to them. Download my free texture packs that each include 8 textures. Each texture is a high-resolution JPG file at the size of 5472 x 3072 pixels. These can be used in Photoshop, or anywhere really. Just embed a texture and play with the blending modes and opacity. NO SIGN-UPS REQUIRED, just download!


1. Griffith Observatory Textures

These are textures of the astronomer’s monument, floor border, gift shop, inner wall, outer wall, roof, telescope dome and transit corridor.

Griffith Observatory Textures



2. Manhattan Beach Textures

These are textures of the aquarium, bench, bike path, pier, pillar, sand, walkway and wall.

Manhattan Beach Textures



3. Premium Porcelain Textures

These are textures of premium porcelain from Home Depot.

Premium Porcelain Textures



4. Specialty Rug Textures

These are textures of specialty rugs from Home Depot.

Specialty Rug Textures



5. Sunset Strip Textures

Includes famous locations such as Pink Taco, Carney’s Limited, The Comedy Store, Mel’s Drive-In, The Viper Room, Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy and Rainbow Bar & Grill.

Sunset Strip Textures



6. Venice Beach Textures

These are textures of the basketball courts, bike path, Muscle Beach, paddle tennis courts, pier, promenade, sand and skate park.

Venice Beach Textures



7. Weathered Wood Textures

These are textures of weathered wood from all around famous Los Angeles.

Weathered Wood Textures