Dan Weisberg from WeisCrack Comedy in Glendale, CA needed a new comedy logo. The comedy team of Daniel Weisberg and Dave McCracken represent WeisCrack, a monthly comedy show in L.A. I created a playful and humorous design of an owl to show wise, and it's head cracking off in reference to crack (these are a play on the two comic's names). I went with the color purple to provide a calming effect while encouraging creativity. The font I used is Baron by Fontfabric Type Foundry, an uppercase display typeface inspired by the classic sans serif font familes.

WeisCrack Comedy Preview


Here is the final rendering of the logo.
WeisCrack Comedy 1


I designed the logo on a grid system to ensure for perfect presentation on all devices, apps and Social Media profiles.
WeisCrack Comedy 2



Dan loved the new logo and I gave him all of the source files for both web and print. Source files include the Photoshop PSD file, font, reference images and color specs.

"Tom at New Evolution is super quick, knowledgable and talented. Everything was delivered on time and as promised." - Dan

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