Josip Kelava is an award-winning designer based in Melbourne, Australia that focuses on graphic design, typography and branding. Below you'll find his collection entitled Heroes and Villains that has some awesome use of color happening. You can also buy these stunning works as prints on his website.

"When I was younger I always imagined myself someone that had a super power. How cool it would be to fly, to move things with your mind, to use magic or even have a robot suit to protect you. That's why I loved reading comics, watching movies and playing video games. It took me to fantasy worlds where heroes and villains existed. This little project is a showcase of all my favorite characters, both friendly and foe, as typographic posters representing a little of what they are about.” — Josip Kelava


1. Magneto



2. Donatello



3. Predator



4. Kal El - Superman

Kal El - Superman


5. War Machine

War Machine


6. Samus



7. Sephiroth



8. Marcus Fenix

Marcus Fenix


9. Aliens



10. EVA Mass Production - Evangelion Neon Genesis

EVA Mass Production - Evangelion Neon Genesis


11. Batman



12. John 117 - Master Chief

John 117 - Master Chief


13. Ringwraith - Lord of the Rings

Ringwraith - Lord of the Rings


14. Clones - Star Wars

Clones - Star Wars


15. The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk


16. Link - Zelda Ocarina of Time

Link - Zelda Ocarina of Time