10 Stop Motion Videos to Spark Creativity

Let's spark some new creativity today by checking out a compilation of stop motion videos that any designer or artist will appreciate.

Inspiring Fashion Illustrations by Giulio Iurissevich

It's always humbling to be contacted by another designer asking to be featured on NewEvolution.

Intriguing Macro Photography by Kvejlend

Today, I would like to share a different type of inspiration for designers that's called macro photography.

35 Digital Abstracts by Queedo

Mateusz Wanat, or Queedo, is a talented designer that is located in Warsaw, Poland.

4 Things That Are Changing Web Development

Just when you start to think that things may be slowing down a bit, here comes another wave of change for web developers.

54 Freaky Artworks by Gloom82

Gloom82, the alter ego of Anton Semenov, primarily focuses on character design, digital art and illustration.

The Nike Upgrade Ad Campaign

The advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy (Amsterdam, Netherlands division) has created an awesome ad campaign entitled Nike Upgrade.

The Digital Art of Mark Geno Arguelles

Mark Geno Arguelles is a talented graphic artist, photographer and musician located in Malabon, Philippines.

30 Creative Shoe Advertisements

With all of the print ads in the world today, being unique tends to become a difficult task, especially for shoes and sneakers.

Designers Against Child Slavery (Episodes Exhibition)

Designers Against Child Slavery, or DACS, is a collective of passionate individuals who are aimed at restoring the lives of sex trafficking victims by using art and design.

17 Fascinating Illustrations by Niklas Lundberg

Niklas Lundberg is a young, self-taught illustrator and designer that is currently residing in BorĂ¥s, Sweden.

Crowdsourcing Makes Designers the 99%

Today I would like to share with NewEvolution readers why the growing trend of crowdsourcing is pure evil and should be stopped, for now.

25 Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you probably noticed the launch of Facebook timelines.

7 Seriously Addicting HTML5 Games

HTML5 this, HTML5 that, tired of hearing about it already?

34 Abstract Photo Manips by Kevin Nitschmann

Today I'm featuring Kevin 'Gunfire' Nitschmann, a digital artist based in Berlin, Germany.

Unbelievable Star Wars Identities Posters

Star Wars Identities is an exhibition that explores the personal identity of characters found in the Star Wars universe.

50 Humorous Celebrities by Rodney Pike

Take an inspiration break from your busy day by checking out these humorous celebrity illustrations.

The Amazing Steampunk Art of Almacan

After watching the movie Hellboy a few years back, I started developing a fascination with steampunk art.

12 Stop Motion Videos by Tobias Stretch

An artist or designer can find inspiration almost anywhere, and stop motion videos are certainly no stranger to that.

30 Creative Google+ Pages

Are you ready to start designing a new Google+ page, but need some inspiration to jump-start your creativity?