Unsmart Devices by Foreal Studio

Today's design inspiration is from Foreal Studio, a Trier, Germany based creative studio that focuses on illustration and art direction.

Shifted by Skip1Frame

This amazing design inspiration comes from Berlin, Germany based freelance 3D artist Skip1Frame.

Heroes & Villains by Cesar De Ortiz

Check out this fantastic design inspiration from creative artist Cesar De Ortiz, who is located in Spain.

Lepidoptera Obscura (Animated GIFs)

This animated design inspiration comes from Sydney, Australia based illustrator and graphic designer Vladimir Stankovic.

Quantum Fluctuations by Markos Kay

Today's new design inspiration comes from London, United Kingdom based visual artist, creative director and illustrator Markos Kay.

Inspiring Tesla T1 Design

This new design inspiration, a Tesla T1 design, takes you on the road of innovation.

Dark Matter by Alberto Seveso

This new design inspiration is by Alberto Seveso, an illustrator, graphic designer and photographer located in Bristol, United Kingdom.

20 Space Badges by DreamDesign

Julien Clauzier, also known as DreamDesign, has been a France-based freelance iOS graphic designer since 2012.

Winter in Squares by Kilian Schönberger

Today's new design inspiration comes from Cologne, Germany based Kilian Schönberger, a professional landscape and architecture photographer.

Xtinct by Patrick Ellasos

Today's new design inspiration comes from the talented Patrick Ellasos, a Caloocan, Philippines based multimedia artist and illustrator.

Infrared NYC by Paolo Pettigiani

This new design inspiration shows the contrast of nature in famous Central Park, NY.

Vespers by Neri Oxman

Today's new design inspiration comes from Neri Oxman and members of the Mediated Matter Group.

10 Clever GIFs by Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips is a creative director, animator, illustrator and designer from Sydney, Australia with over 13 years experience.

Social Animals by Cristian Girotto

Today's new design inspiration comes from Cristian Girotto, who is a digital artist based in Paris, France.

Novelty Waves 3 by Mario De Meyer

Today's new design inspiration is from in Ghent, Belgium based freelance graphic designer Mario De Meyer.

Play With Me by Mateusz Krol

This new design inspiration is from Bielsko-Biała, Poland based CGI / 3D Illustrator Mateusz Krol.

Arcūs by Rik Oostenbroek

Today's new design inspiration is by designer Rik Oostenbroek who is located in Hilversum, Netherlands.

Artificial Anatomy 2 by Paul Hollingworth

Today's stunning design inspiration is from designer, art director and photographer Paul Hollingworth in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Lux Noctis by Reuben Wu

Today's new design inspiration comes from Chicago, IL based photographer, music and film producer Reuben Wu.

Artice by Antoni Tudisco

Today's brand new design inspiration comes from Hamburg, Germany based digital artist Antoni Tudisco.