Social Animals by Cristian Girotto

Today's new design inspiration comes from Cristian Girotto, who is a digital artist based in Paris, France.

Novelty Waves 3 by Mario De Meyer

Today's new design inspiration is from in Ghent, Belgium based freelance graphic designer Mario De Meyer.

Play With Me by Mateusz Krol

This new design inspiration is from Bielsko-Biała, Poland based CGI / 3D Illustrator Mateusz Krol.

Arcūs by Rik Oostenbroek

Today's new design inspiration is by designer Rik Oostenbroek who is located in Hilversum, Netherlands.

Artificial Anatomy 2 by Paul Hollingworth

Today's stunning design inspiration is from designer, art director and photographer Paul Hollingworth in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Lux Noctis by Reuben Wu

Today's new design inspiration comes from Chicago, IL based photographer, music and film producer Reuben Wu.

Artice by Antoni Tudisco

Today's brand new design inspiration comes from Hamburg, Germany based digital artist Antoni Tudisco.

Hug The Killer by Nikopicto

Today's design inspiration comes from a Hong Kong based animator known as Nikopicto.

30 Creative Restaurant Menus

A nice menu design is obviously an important element for any restaurant business.

20 Badass Biomechanical Tattoos

Today's design inspiration comes to you in the form of biomechanical, which is a popular style of tattoos.

Biomechanical Art by Dariusz Zawadzki

Dariusz Zawadzki is a talented digital artist based in Poland.

Star Wars: The Flat Awakens

Filipe de Carvalho is located in Lisbon, Portugal and focuses on character design, icon design and illustration.

Manmade But No Human by Jan Stel

Jan Stel is a Amsterdam, Netherlands based self-taught fine art photographer and Photoshop artist.

Client Error 4xx by Retoka

Barcelona, Spain based digital artist and graphic designer Retoka creates amazing techie-inspired art.

3D Characters by Ali Zafati

Ali Zafati is a Rabat, Morocco based freelance digital artist who specializes in 3D character design.

Sneakers by Antoni Tudisco

Today's new design inspiration comes from the young Hamburg, Germany based digital artist Antoni Tudisco.

Dark Photo Manipulations by Majentta

Donna Mae Dingding, also known as Majentta, is a digital artist located in Singapore.

Please Kill the Sidebar

Websites and blogs have had sidebars for a long time, but do you still need one?

Interesting Art by Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski is a Brooklyn, NY based multidisciplinary designer and art director who combines photography, art and styling with more traditional design elements to create utterly unique visuals.

Disney Icons by Viviane Valenta

Viviane Valenta is an illustrator and graphic designer from Austria who loves painting, photography, traveling, cupcakes and walking around the house while brushing her teeth.