Please Kill the Sidebar

Websites and blogs have had sidebars for a long time, but do you still need one?

Interesting Art by Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski is a Brooklyn, NY based multidisciplinary designer and art director who combines photography, art and styling with more traditional design elements to create utterly unique visuals.

Disney Icons by Viviane Valenta

Viviane Valenta is an illustrator and graphic designer from Austria who loves painting, photography, traveling, cupcakes and walking around the house while brushing her teeth.

Constructed by Justin Maller

Today's new design inspiration comes from the talented freelance illustrator and art director Justin Maller.

Aquarium by Vassilis Tangoulis

Check out this awesome new photography inspiration from award-winning fine art photographer Vassilis Tangoulis.

Macicio by K63 Studio

K63 Studio is a Nairobi, Kenya based studio that produces some great works.

Film Screen Graphics by Nawaz Alamgir

Nawaz Alamgir is a freelance, award-winning motion graphic designer based in London, United Kingdom.

82 Killer Car Manipulations by The Kyza

Khyzyl Saleem, or The Kyza, is a 22-year-old concept artist based out of the United Kingdom.

10 Creative Monochromic Sites

Monochromatic websites, sites that use just one color, look great and work well with branding.

Vibrant Illustrations by Jerico Santander

Today's fresh design inspiration comes from Arrecife, Spain based art director and illustrator Jerico Santander.

FlowerBomb by Rik Oostenbroek

Inspired by the smell of a perfume, this new design inspiration is based on cloners and organic spontaneous movements of fictive "paradise flower" inspired curves.

Stunning Photo Manipulations by StreetX222

Idrassi Soufiane, also known as StreetX222, is a digital artist who specializes in digital illustrations using Adobe Photoshop.

Digital Beings by Oleg Soroko

Today's new design inspiration comes from the talented CG artist Oleg Soroko.

Surreal Worlds by Antoni Tudisco

Today's new design inspiration comes from Antoni Tudisco, who is a young digital artist located in Hamburg, Germany.

3D Printing Art Inspiration

3D Printing continues to grow in popularity and has already produced a lot of stunning art.

Creative Tire Art

This creative tire art titled Pneumàtic was created by OOSS and Mateu Targa Agustí for the street art festival Ús Barcelona.

3D Printed Wearables by Christoph Bader

This project titled Neri Oxman - Wanderers is the creation of 4 grown and 3D printed wearables.

Best Brain Foods for Designers

As a designer, or anyone really, it's important to take care of your brain to keep those creative thoughts flowing.

Avengers: Age of Ultron - UI Screen Graphics

Territory Studio created new visual identities and UI (user interface) for the technology seen in Avengers Tower.

53 Icon Designs by Marko Stupic

Marko Stupic is an awesome designer based in Zagreb, Croatia.