Heavy Metals by Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso is an amazing illustrator, graphic designer and photographer in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Star Wars Sculptures by Gabriel Dishaw

With just 337 days until Star Wars Episode VII, today's design inspiration comes form Indianapolis, Indiana based upcycler/sculptor Gabriel Dishaw.

The Sound of Silence by Vassilis Tangoulis

Vassilis Tangoulis is an international, award-winning fine art photographer who is currently located in Patra, Greece.

Marvelous Astrophotography by Greg Gibbs

Astrophotography simply put is photography of stars and other celestial objects.

Nike Designs by Marcelo Schultz

Marcelo Schultz is a gifted graphic designer and illustrator who is located in Curitiba, Brazil.

Outstanding Illustrations by Tom Mac

Today's design inspiration comes from the talented digital designer and illustrator Tom Mac originally from South London, United Kingdom.

Colorful Character Designs by Grand Chamaco

Below you will find some colorful character design inspiration for the weekend.

Polygon Insects by Chaotic Atmospheres

Today's design inspiration comes from Geneva, Switzerland based freelance illustrator and CG artist Chaotic Atmospheres.

20 Sexy Pin-Ups by Edgar Sandoval

Edgar Sandoval is a talented digital illustrator in Heredia, Costa Rica specializing in digital art, illustration and drawing.

Out of the Dark by Bettina Güber

Lighten up your day with some digital photography by Krefeld, Germany based digital media designer Bettina Güber.

Plastic Relations Exhibition by Mark Gmehling

Mark Gmehling, a talented designer located in Germany, is currently hosting the Plastic Relations Exhibition.

Realistic iOS App Icons by Ramotion

Today's design inspiration comes from Ramotion, an award-winning iPhone app design and development company in San Francisco, CA.

Low Poly Celebrities by Rahul Parihar

Rahul Parihar is a Jaipur, India based CG artist and exhibition designer focusing on digital art, illustration and graphic design.

40 Illustrated Sci-Fi Dreams by Bluefley

Bluefley, also known as Marc Brunet, is an amazing digital artist in Irvine, California.

SkullyJuly by Andrey Pridybaylo

Andrey Pridybaylo, or Nitrouzzz, is a super dope artist and illustrator located in Surgut, Russia.

Vans X Star Wars by Coolrain

Coolrain is a talented toy artist and creative director based in Seoul, Korea.

Distinctive Portraitures by Charles Williams

Today's design inspiration comes from a freelance illustrator based in London, United Kingdom.

Eye-Catching Abstract Works by Elreviae

Maxime des Touches, also known as Elreviae, is a self-taught digital artist and graphic designer in Poitiers, France.

80s Fan Art by Rocky Davies

Rocky Davies is a professional artist based in Idaho, USA specializing in digital art.

27 Colorful Logos by Maria Grønlund

Maria Grønlund is located in Lystrup, Denmark and is a talented graphic designer with specialty in branding, corporate identity, digital art, design, and colors.