Creative Toy Designs by Aaron Liu

Today's design inspiration is something different, and that's toy design.

Amazing Digital Art by Maxim Goudin

Maxim Goudin is a gifted artist based in Moscow, Russia that focuses on digital art, illustration and advertising.

High End-Prints by Mark Gmehling

Dortmund, Germany based designer Mark Gmehling specializes in character design, illustration and advertising.

Stunning Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt

Mikko Lagerstedt is a self-taught fine art photographer from Kerava, Finland that focuses on photography, digital photography and photo manipulation.

Heroes and Villains by Josip Kelava

Josip Kelava is an award-winning designer based in Melbourne, Australia that focuses on graphic design, typography and branding.

The Fantastic 3D Works of ddjimenez

David Domingo Jimenez, or ddjimenez, is a professional 3D artist located in Segovia, Spain.

The Colorful Illustrations of ChocoToy

ChocoToy is a young agency from Caracas, Venezuela that focuses on 3D illustration, graphic design, character design, branding, toys, clothing and accessories.

Beautiful Photography by Oer-Wout

Oer-Wout, also known as J-W van Ederen, is an awesome photographer from the Netherlands.

Astounding Character Designs by Hi Funghi

Hi Funghi is a Bauru, Brazil based designer that focuses on illustration, character design and digital art.

The Professional Designs of El Diablo

El Diablo is a talented art and creative director from Mexico that specializes in illustration, graphic design and typography.

Simple Character Designs by Konrad Kirpluk

Konrad Kirpluk is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Doncaster, United Kingdom.

The SkinDeep Series by Julien Manigand

Julien Manigand is an awesome digital photographer located in Paris, France.

66 Delicious Foodscapes by Carl Warner

A fun change of pace today with design inspiration that's created out of fresh food ingredients.

The Creative Digital Art of Warendt

Fabien Mathe, aka Warendt, is a young, self-taught digital artist and designer in Toulouse, France.

Sleep Elevations by Maia Flore

Maia Flore is an inspiring photographer that's currently living in Paris, France.

Awesomely Illustrated WWE Superstars

If you're a wrestling fan, and yes everyone is a wrestling fan, then you will enjoy this small series of illustrated wrestlers.

The Curious Illustrations of YoAz

YoAz is a gifted graphic designer and illustrator from Paris, France.

58 Morbid Illustrations by Zeeksie

For today's design inspiration we are going to check out a collection of morbid illustrations by Zeeksie.

Creative 3D Illustrations by Flavio Montiel

Flavio Montiel is a São Paulo, Brazil based art director with a not so secret passion for digital illustration.

The Creepy Digital Art of Francesco Sambo

Today it's time to change things up a little with some creepy design inspiration.