The Creative Digital Art of Warendt

Fabien Mathe, aka Warendt, is a young, self-taught digital artist and designer in Toulouse, France.

Sleep Elevations by Maia Flore

Maia Flore is an inspiring photographer that's currently living in Paris, France.

Awesomely Illustrated WWE Superstars

If you're a wrestling fan, and yes everyone is a wrestling fan, then you will enjoy this small series of illustrated wrestlers.

The Curious Illustrations of YoAz

YoAz is a gifted graphic designer and illustrator from Paris, France.

58 Morbid Illustrations by Zeeksie

For today's design inspiration we are going to check out a collection of morbid illustrations by Zeeksie.

Creative 3D Illustrations by Flavio Montiel

Flavio Montiel is a São Paulo, Brazil based art director with a not so secret passion for digital illustration.

The Creepy Digital Art of Francesco Sambo

Today it's time to change things up a little with some creepy design inspiration.

50 iOS 7 Redesigns

Recently Apple revealed the new look for the iOS 7 user interface, and the design community was not happy to say the least.

Street Fighter Goes Tron

Recently I created a sci-fi wallpaper that was a mix of Star Trek and Tron.

Incredible Motion Graphics by Jordi Pagès

Today we are featuring a different kind of design inspiration, and that's motion graphics.

85 Celebrity Caricatures by Patrick Strogulski

Patrick Strogulski is an awesome caricaturist that's currently located in Munich, Germany.

27 Aspiring Illustrations by Tom Jüris

Tom Jüris is a Zhuhai, China based digital artist and graphic designer.

Photographic Mud Works by Alejandro Maestre

Alejandro Maestre is dedicated to photographic creation, teaching and research of new digital post-production techniques.

Analog to Digital Series by WorkByKnight

WorkByKnight is a Melbourne, Australia based artist that focuses on digital art, drawing and fine arts.

Amazing Chess Pieces by MountStar

MountStar is a Japanese motion graphics designer and 3D illustrator with awesome talent.

10 Clever Hat Logo Designs

Hats off to my top 10 picks for the most creative logo designs using hats.

36 Creative iOS Icons by Alex Bender

Alex Bender is a gifted interface designer from Moscow, Russia that focuses primarily on graphic design, icon design and illustration.

10 Playful Monkey Logo Designs

The monkey is an animal that lends itself very well to logo design.

Futuristic City Concepts by JJasso

JJasso, or Jaime Jasso, is a notable artist that specializes in matte painting and conceptual art.

Star Wars App Icons by PixelResort

Star Wars and apps have teamed up today to provide some stellar design inspiration.