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10 Clever Hat Logo Designs

Hats off to my top 10 picks for the most creative logo designs using hats.

36 Creative iOS Icons by Alex Bender

Alex Bender is a gifted interface designer from Moscow, Russia that focuses primarily on graphic design, icon design and illustration.

10 Playful Monkey Logo Designs

The monkey is an animal that lends itself very well to logo design.

Futuristic City Concepts by JJasso

JJasso, or Jaime Jasso, is a notable artist that specializes in matte painting and conceptual art.

Star Wars App Icons by PixelResort

Star Wars and apps have teamed up today to provide some stellar design inspiration.

Rise of the Machines by PokedStudio

Take some time off from your busy work week and enjoy these inspiring characters.

43 Character Illustrations by Max Kostenko

Max Kostenko is a gifted digital artist based in Moscow, Russia.

Revolved Forms by Črtomir Just

Črtomir Just is a talented graphic designer and 3D artist based in Murska Sobota, Slovenia.

10 Mind-Bending Logos Using Optical Illusions

An optical illusion, also called a visual illusion, is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality.

10 Eye Inspired Logo Designs

Eyes are most commonly used in logos for the eye care industry, security businesses, photography studios and more.

Underwater Photography by Mark Tipple

Today's inspiration for creativity will help us find escape by taking a trip under the sea.

10 Beautifully Blue Logo Designs

Blue is a natural color. It's the color of the ocean and sky, but also has the feeling of calmness, strength, friendship and boldness.

Extreme Eye Close-Ups by Suren Manvelyan

Today's artistic inspiration is certainly different.

9 Monochromatic Drawings by Joe Fenton

Let's change the pace today with some good old hand-drawn inspiration that's influenced by early surrealism.

Stunning Illustrations by Oscar Ramos

Oscar Ramos is a gifted designer that focuses primarily on character design, digital art, and illustration.

The Balanced Illustrations of Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson is an award-winning illustrator and designer based in Dublin, Ireland.

10 Hot Pizza Logo Designs

A truly creative logo always thinks outside the pizza box.

10 Money-Making Financial Logo Designs

Who says that a bank, investment or finance company logo has to be boring and stuffy?

The Fantastic Digital Art of Victorior

Wanchana Intrasombat, also known as Victorior, is a fantastic digital artist from Thailand that specializes in illustration and character design.

25 Stunning Kinetic Typography Videos

Typography is currently making a splash in the design community, so let's take it up a notch.