It's that time of year again, so why not enjoy some inspiring and fun toy designs. This collection, entitled Homebodies, are the impressive works of the talented artist Calvin Ma. Calvin is a San Francisco, CA based sculptor who focuses on sculpting, fine arts and toy design. Happy holiday everyone, enjoy!

"I utilize the action figure form in my sculptural work to explore personal issues and struggles with social anxiety.” — Calvin Ma


1. On the Look Out

On the Look Out


2. Passive Aggression II

Passive Aggression II


3. Let It Go

Let It Go


4. Back and Forth

Back and Forth


5. Another Time

Another Time


6. Feeling Small

Feeling Small


7. This Load of Mind

This Load of Mind


8. Around and Around

Around and Around


9. The Walk

The Walk


10. Let's Roll

Let's Roll


11. Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here


12. Wherever It Takes Me

Wherever It Takes Me


13. Passive Aggression

Passive Aggression


14. On the Same Boat

On the Same Boat


15. Through the Thick

Through the Thick


16. Finding My Way

Finding My Way