K63 Studio is a Nairobi, Kenya based studio that produces some great works. Macicio is digital photography based on a fictional story revolving around the Mau Mau guerrilla fighters during the struggle for independence. Enjoy!


1. General Njuguna

Commander-in-chief of the unit. Fighter since the age of 9. The different stars represent the lives he's saved.

Macicio 1


2. 2nd Commander Kigotho

The last man standing and survivor from his previous battalion. He's always at the back of the group with his specially designed specs that spot the enemy from behind.

Macicio 2


3. Kimani 'Ninja' Nganga

Hands on fighter and front man in the pack. He's a master tracker and attributes his level of high senses to the wire dish on his jacket.

Macicio 3


4. Nyakundi

Communications expert and voice imitator, he uses the knobs attached to the mouth piece on his specs to imitate 5 different animals using code language.

Macicio 4


5. Karanja 'The Mole' Jere

Normally operates underground with his modified underground breathing suite. His hair is designed to appear like a rodent burrowing through the soil and his spectacles are telescopically able to see close to 1KM away.

Macicio 5