Clogtwo is a Singapore-based graffiti practitioner and visual engineer who focuses on merging mechanical designs and components into his style used for the "Mechasoul Series". The series revolves around the ideology between the psychological bond between mankind and technology. These prints are also available for purchase at the Ink & Clog Store.


1. Dhalsim

Clogtwo Dhalsim


2. Dark Night

Clogtwo Dark Night


3. Chun-Li

Clogtwo Chun-Li


4. Ryu

Clogtwo Ryu


5. M. Bison

Clogtwo M. Bison


6. Akuma

Clogtwo Akuma


7. Iron Man

Clogtwo Iron Man


8. Popeye

Clogtwo Popeye


9. Sonic

Clogtwo Sonic


10. Luigi

Clogtwo Luigi


11. Deathstroke

Clogtwo Deathstroke


12. Hello Kitty

Clogtwo Hello Kitty


13. Galactus

Clogtwo Galactus


14. Mario

Clogtwo Mario


15. Geisha

Clogtwo Geisha


16. Mazinger

Clogtwo Mazinger


17. Joker

Clogtwo Joker


18. Totoro

Clogtwo Totoro


19. Voltron

Clogtwo Voltron


20. V

Clogtwo V


21. SpongeBob

Clogtwo SpongeBob


22. Doom

Clogtwo Doom


23. TMNT

Clogtwo TMNT


24. Yoda

Clogtwo Yoda


25. Boba Fett

Clogtwo Boba Fett


26. Stormtrooper

Clogtwo Stormtrooper


27. Bomberman

Clogtwo Bomberman


28. Vader

Clogtwo Vader