Chris Boyd from Montgomery County Wine Trail in Montgomery County, PA needed a new brochure. Montgomery Wine Trail features more than 30 varieties of wine, including Reserve Reds, French Hybrid Whites, 100% Fruit Wines (no added flavors), Meads (Honey Wines), ciders, dessert wines and also amazing Port wines. I used the same color scheme of their website. I also matched the fonts Rancho by Sideshow, and Source Sans Pro by Paul D. Hunt.

Montgomery County Wine Trail Preview


This is the front side of printing for the zfold brochure layout. I created a modern design to again match the website. I displayed important information for the wine trail and used elegant imagery that I Photoshopped.
Montgomery County Wine Trail 6


This is the back side of printing for the zfold brochure layout. I showed all of the contact information for each winery along the trail. Information includes phone numbers, websites, taglines, addresses and hours of operation.
Montgomery County Wine Trail 7



Chris and everyone at Montgomery County Wine Trail were happy with the high-end design and I emailed them the print-ready CMYK Photoshop files, fonts and images.

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