Recently, I noticed that Jack Daniel's had made a few changes to their iconic bottle. Before we begin, I must confess that I couldn't resist having a few sips of Old No. 7 while writing this post, to honor Jack! Let's get started by visually comparing both of the two bottles together side by side. The new bottle is the one on the right.

Jack Daniel's


The Jack Daniel Difference

In the beginning, Mr. Jack Daniel directed his ambitions towards producing a bottle that stood out from the competition. Jack originally made the decision to put his legendary whiskey into a squared bottle, unlike other whiskeys of the time. In recent years, the Jack's bottle design has strayed a bit of course from the original, but no longer! The refinements today are meant to honor Mr. Jack’s desire to convey superior quality.

Jack Daniel's 2


The New Bottle Rocks!

I'm happy with the new bottle design for many reasons, but the most important reason is that the new bottle appears older and classier. These new design attributes are a better fit for the Jack Daniel’s brand of old-time, western whiskey. The distillery's goal was to accentuate the bottle’s square shoulders while also simplifying the crowded label.

Jack Daniel's 3


Give It Some Time

After allowing myself a few days to fully disgest the new bottle design, I have to admit that I'm still loving it. However, like all things new, I'm expecting an initial backlash by many towards the new design. I'm sure that in time everyone will enjoy the new look. The new bottle has already started shipping, and will be available on most shelves in July. So what do you think of the new bottle design? Good, bad, just ok?

Jack Daniel's 4