Photoshop has upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.0.0, which appears to be a new way of naming the versions. The new features include Blur Gallery motion effects, enhanced Type Tool, smarter Smart Guides, Smart Object improvements, Focus Mask, improved Layer Comps and more.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2014


Blur Gallery Motion Effects

The Blur Gallery Filter now has Path Blur… and Spin Blur… added to it. Use Path Blur to add a non-destructive blur along any path, and Spin Blur to quickly create circular or elliptical blurs.


Enhanced Type Tool

The Type Tool now has Font Search and Typekit integration. Type in the font box to search for fonts, and choose fonts from the Typekit library while syncing them to your desktop. Photoshop can also now render type previews instantly in the image area.


Smarter Smart Guides

Smart Guides are now turned on by default so that you can quickly see the distance in pixels between objects. It's now easier to line up objects at equal distances from each other, and also snap in place when distances between sets of objects match.


Smart Object Improvements

Embed a Smart Object directly in a Photoshop file or link to a separate file and update it and reuse it in multiple projects. You can also convert your existing embedded Smart Objects to linked Smart Objects.


Focus Mask

The new Focus Mask automates the process of creating an initial selection by determining which parts of an image are in focus. Use Focus Area… selection with portraits and other images that have shallow depth of field.


Improved Layer Comps

The Layer Comps panel has been redesigned. You can change the visibility, position, or appearance of one layer and then sync that change to all the others. Additionally, easily view the attributes of each Layer Comp, and toggle a Layer Comp within a Smart Object.


More Features

  • Expanded Mercury Graphics Engine support
  • Experimental features
  • Expanded 3D printing capabilities
  • Intelligent upsampling, even faster
  • Adobe Generator enhancements
  • Workflow Enhancements
  • Adobe Camera Raw 8 enhancements
  • Improved Windows 8.1 stylus support