Crtomir Just is a graphic designer and 3D artist living and working in Murska Sobota, Slovenia who creates beautiful renders. His "Revolved Forms" series is the result of a 3D experiment with illuminated cloned shapes that have slightly unrealistic materials.


1. Nucleus

Pill bugs (Armadillidium vulgare) have the ability to roll in a ball and are often kept as pets by children.

Crtomir Just Nucleus


2. Medusa

Jellyfish have roamed the seas for over 500 million years and are the oldest multi-organ animal.

Crtomir Just Medusa


3. Ammonis

Ammonites are an extinct group of marine invertebrate animals that are somewhat related to the now living Nautilus.

Crtomir Just Ammonis


4. Asterias

Echinoderms (sea stars, sea urchins) are the largest phylum that has no freshwater or terrestrial representatives.

Crtomir Just Asterias


5. Haliotis

Abalones (sea ears) are composed of mother-of-pearl, giving rise to a range of strong and changeable colors.

Crtomir Just Haliotis


6. Cordis

The distinctive rounded shells of cockles are heart-shaped when viewed from the end.

Crtomir Just Cordis


7. Trochus

The Trochidae, common name top snails, are a taxonomic family of very small to large sea snails.

Crtomir Just Trochus


8. Nautilus

Nautiluses represent the only living members of the subclass Nautiloidea, and are often considered "living fossils".

Crtomir Just Nautilus