You find yourself down to the last few business cards from your most recent order, and the question weighing on your mind is... “Should I even bother to order more cards?” On one hand, purchasing business cards has become relatively inexpensive and easily obtainable. On the other hand, is it even worth paying the slightest amount of money for an item that may soon be destined to be archived as an old-fashioned tool? Is there still a need for the traditional business card? There are pros and cons to consider when questioning whether or not business cards are still important. Let's weigh the pros and cons and figure it out.



A Great Selling Tool

Does the need for the traditional business card still exist from a seller's perspective? The answer is yes. The business card is, and always has been, one of the most important and cost-effective promotional tools that a business can have. A powerful and well designed card can effectively promote you and your business to a vast, broad audience. To assume that everybody only wants to have digital contacts could be a fatal mistake for any business.

Powerful Branding & Identity

A business card is ideal for both branding and identity. With some careful thought and planning, a business card can be the key to gaining new clients and drawing attention to your business. Branding, identity and logo identification each have different roles, which together form the image of your business and/or product. In essence, the business card is one of the puzzle pieces that fits together to make your business brand complete.

Printed Cards Still Work

Imagine if someone asks you for your business card and you need to reply to them that you don’t have one. This could give them the impression that you either forgot to bring one by mistake, you haven’t been in business long enough to have cards, or that you aren’t reliable, dependable or efficient. The fact is, not carrying a business card could lessen your credibility and give potential clients a negative first impression. In the business world, this is the last thing that you want to do. In addition, new apps are permitting the traditional card to be scanned and accessed digitally by taking a photo of it. This allows for a smooth digital transition, but obviously only works with the printed business card.



Cards are Easy to Loose

Successful business networking is recognizing the importance of getting your information out to potential customers. All of this is lost if your business card is literally lost. The effectiveness of a business card is solely reliant on whether a person keeps it handy. If your card is given out, but ends up in the bottom of a drawer or trash can, it was just a waste of time and money. People are relying less and less on physical systems of organization, and more on computers and mobile devices.

Digital Has Taking Over

Let’s face the fact that the digital world has taken over and is here to stay. Digital is making it easier to connect with each other personally and professionally. Apps which allow you to create, store and exchange business card information are easy to find. You can literally bump cell phones against each other to exchange information. The ability to have your information stored directly at a potential customer’s fingertips is invaluable to your success.

Cards are Bad for the Environment

Business cards are made from paper, which directly results in the destruction of trees. Even worse, some business cards are made of plastics, which increase soil and water pollution. The bottom line is that we are heading towards a paperless society, which includes eliminating everything from traditional paper books, magazines and newspapers.


The Conclusion

The business card's resiliency has withstood the test of time to this point, but what does the future hold? There is still something about that small, efficient source of contact information with business, branding and identification attributes that is keeping it alive and well. However, perhaps the time has come to let go of the traditional business card and move towards the future of exchanging information digitally. Only time will tell whether the pros or cons of today’s business card will prevail. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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