Pierre-Alain D., founder of 3mmi Design, is a french digital artist, illustrator and graphic designer who has developed an intense vision of graphic design through the years. Below you will find his inspiring digital portfolio of photo manipulations. Enjoy!


1. Diktat



2. L'Explorateur



3. Call of the Nereids

Call of the Nereids


4. Domination



5. Close to Infinity

Close to Infinity


6. Battle for Humanity

Battle for Humanity


7. Ascetic



8. Travellers



9. Eternal Return

Eternal Return


10. Artemis



11. Divine Order

Divine Order


12. Ancient Times

Ancient Times


13. Mind Construction

Mind Construction


14. A World of Legends

A World of Legends


15. Skepticism



16. Children of the Nowhere

Children of the Nowhere


17. Grades of Inhumanity

Grades of Inhumanity


18. Deeper Inside Me

Deeper Inside Me


19. Brain Circus

Brain Circus


20. Follow the Night

Follow the Night


21. Slave Mind

Slave Mind


22. A Place for the Lost

A Place for the Lost


23. Rejected Gods

Rejected Gods


24. Reminiscence



25. New Order

New Order


26. La Veuve Noire

La Veuve Noire


27. La Semeuse

La Semeuse


28. A Piece of Universe

A Piece of Universe


29. Death Maker

Death Maker


30. Cleopatra



31. The Baleful Allegiance

The Baleful Allegiance


32. Progeny



33. Attrition



34. Origins



35. Winds of Horus

Winds of Horus


36. Hand of Gaia

Hand of Gaia


37. Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life


38. Mechanic of Time

Mechanic of Time


39. Black Empire

Black Empire


40. Gates of Atlantis

Gates of Atlantis