Bioflux is a wallpaper art series exploring biomechanical space life.

After watching the movie Hellboy a few years back, I started developing a fascination with steampunk art. What is steampunk art? That's an easy question with a hard answer. I would best describe steampunk as a fantasy style art that adds fictional innovations to 19th century steam power technology. My love for this art lead me to a digital artist from Japan by the name of Kazuhiko Nakamura, aka Almacan. Below is where you will find his collection of amazing steampunk art.


1. Atoma



2. Rhinoceros 1515

Rhinoceros 1515


3. Brain Tower

Brain Tower


4. Requiem for Industry

Requiem for Industry


5. Automaton



6. Metamorphosis



7. Triceratops



8. Monorogue



9. Shell in the Darkness

Shell in the Darkness


10. Floating of Antlion

Floating of Antlion


11. Glasshead



12. The End of Flight Zone

The End of Flight Zone


13. The Tower of Beetle

The Tower of Beetle