The highly anticipated movie release for The Avengers is finally hitting theaters this Friday. Over the last few years, Marvel fans got a treat of individual film releases that each starred a particular character of The Avengers group. Now we get to see them in action, together! Although I'm a little disappointed that Edward Norton will not be starring in the movie, I think it's still going to rock! Simply click on a preview image below to view and download the full-size wallpaper. All backgrounds are 2560x1600.


1. The Avengers Logo

The Avengers Logo


2. The Avengers Group 1

The Avengers Group 1


3. The Avengers Group 2

The Avengers Group 2


4. Captain America

Captain America


5. Iron Man

Iron Man


6. Thor



7. Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner


8. Black Widow

Black Widow


9. Nick Fury

Nick Fury


10. Loki