Steve Simpson is an award-winning illustrator and designer based in Dublin, Ireland. Steve specializes in packaging design, illustration, and art for children’s books. He seems to have a knack for achieving mind-pleasing balance in all of his projects. Enjoy his works below!


1. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da


2. Let Your Dreams Fly

Let Your Dreams Fly


3. TuJacques



4. Evil Genius

Evil Genius

Evil Genius 2


5. Smorgasboard



6. Menu Cover

Menu Cover


7. Televised



8. Revolution



9. 7up Wonderland

7up Wonderland


10. Anatomical Study

Anatomical Study


11. Fifty 50

Fifty 50


12. Inferno


Inferno 2

Inferno 3

Inferno 4


13. Caffeine Junkie

Caffeine Junkie


14. It's All Geek to Me

It's All Geek to Me


15. Pure Pie

Pure Pie


16. Señora Lavery

Señora Lavery


17. Coffee



18. Cupid



19. Magic Monkey

Magic Monkey


20. BBQ Chilli

BBQ Chilli


21. Chilly Moo

Chilly Moo

Chilly Moo 2

Chilly Moo 3


22. Sweet Chilli

Sweet Chilli


23. Sweet Vodafone

Sweet Vodafone


24. I is for Inca

I is for Inca

I is for Inca 2


25. Tea on Me

Tea on Me